Besides being an avid reader and book collector, I am a metal construction toy enthusiast (visit Girders & Gears, my website devoted to this hobby), a geologist by education and avocation, and a full-time Web developer and computer analyst by trade. Please note: I am NOT a doctor of medicine or of philosophy – “Dr. Prune” is an Internet “handle” and “Doc” is a nickname).

Okay, so why “Dr. Prune” you may wonder? Well, the name comes from two of my favorite novels, Titus Groan and Gormenghast, which are the first two books in Gormenghast Trilogy by British author Mervyn Peake – Dr. Prune, short for Dr. Prunesquallor, is a main character in the novels. These two books are, in my opinion, among the greatest works of literature in the English language. For more information on these amazing novels, visit The Library at my website: www.nightfallbooks.com .

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